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Explore the seamless booking services provided by Vizhil, covering a wide range of offerings from appointments to reservations. Whether you’re scheduling a service, reserving a spot, or planning an event, Vizhil’s booking features have you covered.

Appointment Booking

Finding and Scheduling Appointments

  1. Search for Services:
    • Explore the available services that offer appointment booking.
  2. Browse Providers:
    • View profiles of service providers to find the one that best suits your needs.
  3. Select a Time Slot:
    • Choose a convenient time slot from the provider’s availability.
  4. Confirm and Receive Confirmation:
    • Confirm your appointment and receive a confirmation message with details.

Event Reservations

Discovering Events

  1. Browse Event Listings:
    • Explore a variety of events listed on Vizhil.
  2. Event Details:
    • Read detailed descriptions, date, time, and location information for each event.
  3. Reserve Your Spot:
    • Reserve your spot for the event through the booking platform.

Service Reservations

Booking Services

  1. Search for Services:
    • Find services that allow reservations through the Vizhil platform.
  2. Select Date and Time:
    • Choose the date and time you want to avail of the service.
  3. Complete Reservation:
    • Finalize your reservation, and receive confirmation details.

Managing Your Bookings

View and Edit Bookings

  1. Access Your Bookings:
    • Navigate to the “My Bookings” section in your Vizhil account.
  2. View Details:
    • Review details of upcoming and past bookings.
  3. Reschedule or Cancel:
    • Reschedule or cancel bookings as needed, adhering to provider policies.

Notifications and Reminders

Receive Reminders

  1. Opt-in for Notifications:
    • Enable notifications to receive reminders for upcoming bookings.
  2. Notification Channels:
    • Choose your preferred notification channels – email, app notifications, or SMS.

Provider Guidelines

Managing Bookings as a Service Provider

  1. Access Provider Dashboard:
    • Log in to the provider dashboard to manage bookings.
  2. Set Availability:
    • Update your availability to allow clients to book appointments.