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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can we use international mobile numbers for login?

No, you can only use an Indian mobile number.

How do I cancel a gift card?

We have an option to cancel; just click and cancel it.

If you charge for a return item?

No, we will not charge for returning it.

How will my order be delivered?

Our delivery partner will ship your order after you place the order.

If I track my order using a mobile number?

You can enter your number on the tracking site, and you can track it.

Does Vizhil work outside of India?

No, this is work only inside India.

How can I login using my email address?

Log in to the account. Enter your email address. We will send a 6-digit code to your registered email address. Enter the code, then log in.

If I get my order in 2 to 3 days?

Yes,but we charge extra.

What is OTP verification?

Once you create an account on our website, we save it, and while you open another account with the same mail ID or mobile number, we send a verification code to your registered mail or mobile number. This helps with verification.

How can I use my mobile number to login to my account?

Go to the login page, just give your mobile number, and our team will send you an OTP number. Enter the OTP and log in.

Do you offer protection against fraud?

Yes, offers fraud protection through its Seller Protection Fund (SPF) program. Sellers can receive monetary compensation for orders in which the returned products are damaged or missing.

Do I need GST to sell on Vizhil?

Yes, GST registration is essential for merchants to sell products on Vizhil. Most categories require a regular GSTIN. However, for the “Only Books” category, the PAN (Permanent Account Number) is required.

Who decides the price of my product?

As a seller on, you have complete control over the price of your products. You can determine the price based on your business plan and market factors. The seller dashboard also includes data and recommendations to help you establish the best price for your products.

Can I get help with catalogue development (product image, description, etc.)?

Yes, Vizhil provides dedicated catalogue services to help vendors improve their product photos and descriptions. You can choose premium catalogue services to ensure maximum visibility and client trust. Furthermore, the IGNITE program offers low-cost image editing and product categorization services to help get your business off the ground.

Can customers leave feedback, and why is customer feedback important?

Customers can provide comments and ratings for the things they purchase. Customer feedback is vital since it helps the vendor gain confidence and reputation. Positive comments and high ratings help the seller’s reputation, which attracts more buyers and boosts sales. It also gives vendors vital insights on how to improve their products and services.

How and when do I get paid?

Once your product is picked up and properly delivered to the customer, you will receive payment in as little as 7 days. Payments are safely and frequently paid directly to your registered bank account after deducting the applicable visa fees.

Do I need a minimum number of items to avail fulfilment by Vizhil?

No, there are no minimum requirements. You can use FBv for any number of objects, from one to many, across a variety of categories.

Will I get charged for listing products on Vizhil? does not charge a fee to list your products on its site. However, upon a successful sale, there is a tiny marketplace fee that is calculated as a proportion of the selling price. For further information, see the Vizhil Seller Fee details.

How will I get paid?

We send you payment through your registered bank account. 

If we have a waiting charge?

Yes, you can charge extra for waiting by calculating your wait time. 

What are vizhil fares for consumers?

You will be alerted about the rate card before the launch date. 

Why does vizhil make me take breaks?

Driving for a long amount of time without taking breaks raises the danger of accidents that may harm you, your passengers, and other drivers. 

What is the status of my attachment?

Once you’ve submitted all the relevant papers, the verification procedure will be finished within 48 hours. The status will be communicated via email to your registered email address. You can also check your application status by logging in to riders.vizhil using your existing account. 

Whom should I contact regarding questions and queries?

We have a 24/7 support team that you can contact at *******. Please be aware by emailing us on you consent to receiving calls and emails from vizhil in response to your inquiries, some of which may be promotional in nature.

How long can I drive in a day?

Within 24 hours at the start of a shift, if you log on and take trips for 10 hours of “in-trip” driving time, you will be placed on an enforced rest period of 8 hours. Driving time is measured from the time you accept a trip until it ends. This is known as “in-trip” driving time.

What age vehicles do you accept? 

We accept any vehicle that is under 10 years old, has 4 doors and seats a minimum of 5.

Do I need my own car?

In specific areas, you can obtain a car from one of our vehicle partners or a fleet partner if you wish to drive with Vizhil but don’t yet have one. Please be aware that each city may have different car possibilities.

Is vizhil platform safe?

We are concerned about your safety. A Global Safety Team at Vizhil is committed to doing our share to help avoid accidents. Click the following link to find out more about the app’s safety features, including security measures like phone anonymization and GPS tracking.

How is the traffic calculated?

We calculate the traffic based on the vehicle you book and based on the location Auto taxi: Per KM Start From ₹8.50 

Bike taxi: Per KM Start From ₹4 

Car taxi: Per KM Start From ₹11 

Do I need to register on your site to book tickets?

Yes, you must register on our website to book tickets and get our other facilities.

Is it possible to schedule a trip request?

Yes, we provide you with trips. 

Is fuel cost included in the booking amount?

Yes, we include fuel cost in booking. 

Can I take a trip outside the india?

It is not possible now. We are considering adding this facility in future.

What vizhil peak time charge?

We don’t charge any peak time charges.

I have a question that’s not listed here, how do I contact the vizhil rides support team?

To contact, send a message at or call 9360326970 

Kindly mention your booking id if you are contacting us for an already existing booking.

Will I get a complimentary helmet?

We don’t offer that now in the future it may happen.

Can I pay in cash?

Yes, you have that option.

How can I get a free trip?

We are not providing free trips in future maybe it happens.

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