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Connect with Vizhil; it can help you attract more customers in India. This website helps.
You showcase a wide range of products, groceries, foods, e-commerce, services, and

Eligibility criteria:
1. You must have your own shop, grocery store, or supermarket for this business purpose.
2. Same-day or fast delivery if you arrange for a person from your own area for door delivery.
The Local Shops program’s advantages are:
● Local customers discover your products using our website.
● Boost your earnings and discover your shops and products.
● Deliver products yourself and add value to your service.
The way a nearby store operates on Vizhil:
● Create an account on the Vizhil website for the selling process.
● process your product and fix an amount for the product.
● choose the area or location for customers to order or to deliver the ordered product.
● Deliver the order on time and easily return it.
● Just sit and watch your growth on Vizhil; your team handles all customer

Step-by-step registration guide for new sellers:
1. Start vzhil seller registration:
You must already have an account on the website. If you already have an
account, you just sign in using your email or mobile number and password. Once you sign,
In this case, the OTP is sent to your respected email or mobile number.
If you do not have an account, just go through the website and click on Create Account.
Enter your name, mobile number, and an 8-digit strong password.
2. Enter the GST number:
Once you login, you have to enter your goods and service tax number.
Then verify the GST number by sending the OTP to the register number.
3. Enter the shop name:
After the sign-in and GST process is over, you have to enter your shop name.

4. Enter the location:
To add the pick-up location for shipping your product, you have to give the same address.
as the GST register. If you want to give two or more addresses, then click Add New.
address in the settings.
5.Shipping method:
You have to choose the shipping method. You can choose from the following:
Quick shipping:
Our team will pick up and ship with the Vizhil delivery team from your
location, but we charge an extra amount for this shipping.
Self shipping:
Then, you have another way to deliver your product: by yourself or any other third party.
member to the customer.
Add your account details:
Next, you have to enter your account number, bank name, and IFSC code for your business.
purposes. The money you earn from the online sales will be transferred to your bank.
Fix the GST rate.
fix the GST rate for your product, which was notified by the government. It is a percentage.
of the tax.
6. List your product:
Next, click on the checkbox, then select the products that you have to launch on
Then, you have to enter the photo of the product, product details, etc.,. that will help our
customer buys your product.
7. Launch your product:
After finishing all these processes, you have to launch your product on our website by
clicking the start-selling button below.